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Reimbursing funds locked in a lost payment channel

A phone with an open payment channel may get lost or destroyed at any moment and yet an off-chain balance can still be recovered on a new phone thanks to double backup strategy: not one but two encrypted copies of each channel are automatically uploaded to Olympus server and to your Google Drive.

Note that mnemonic phrase is used as an encryption key so you still need to have it saved in order to obtain and decrypt your channel backups.

How to restore lost channel balance

  1. First, use your mnemonic phrase to recover on-chain funds.
  2. Once mnemonic phrase is provided wallet would ask you to sign in to Google Drive so it can download, decrypt and restore your lost channels. This is typically it, but…
  3. Since Google Drive feature is optional (and not available at all on some models) it may so happen that the only available backup is that one on Olympus server. In this case you’d have to initiate a manual recovery procedure by using a Channel recovery tool avilable in wallet settings.

Difference between GDrive and Olympus backups

Google Drive backup works by uploading an encrypted channel data on each off-chain payment you make. Once restored, wallet would automatically try to fetch the latest backup available. All that you need to do is to sign in to your GDrive account.

Olympus recovery is used as a measure of last resort in case if GDrive is not available, it works as follows: once a fresh payment channel is created it gets encrypted and sent to Olympus server. This operation is carried out once per channel. Olympus backup can be later retrieved and used to reimburse your lost channel balance back to your on-chain wallet using a data-loss-recovery protocol.

Please note that following conditions must be met for data-loss-recovery to work: