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Wallet can be moved from one phone to another without closing payment channels and this can be achieved in the following way:

  1. Make sure you have wallet mnemonic phrase saved, if not then obtain it in BLW settings.
  2. Make sure channel snapshot file is present at /storage/BLW/mainnet/encrypted.channels.bkp, if not then enable local backups in BLW settings and check again in a few seconds.
  3. Close BLW and copy encrypted.channels.bkp file to some place outside of phone, putting it to public places like email is safe becase snapshot file is encrypted.
  4. Make a /storage/BLW/mainnet/ folder on a new phone and copy encrypted.channels.bkp file into it.
    • This step may be tricky because you may not know where exactly to create that folder beforehand. To resolve this first install and launch BLW, then choose Restore Wallet, then allow file system access when prompted and finally close BLW after that. By doing this BLW would create an empty folder in the right place which you can then locate in file manager and copy encrypted.channels.bkp into it.
  5. Install BLW on a new phone, launch it and choose Restore Wallet in main menu, then provide your mnemonic phrase. You should see “Wallet backup file is present” message if BLW can access /storage/BLW/mainnet/encrypted.channels.bkp on a new phone.
  6. Once everything is restored and works do remove BLW on an old phone because having the same channel used on two different phones at once will get it force-closed.

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