Bitcoin Lightning Wallet

An Android phone app

Essential app guide

An info you need to know before you start using a Lightning Wallet
Installing Lightning wallet
Using Lightning wallet

When something goes wrong

What to do when you no longer have an access to your wallet
Recovering lost balance
Reimbursing funds locked in a lost payment channel

Info on Olympus server

A helper service for Lightning stuff
What does Olympus server do
Watchtower service info
Storage tokens

This app features a standalone SPV Bitcoin node with a built-in Lightning node. It allows for sending and receiving of regular Bitcoin transactions as well as off-chain Lightning payments.

What you need to know

It is crucial to understand that BLW is not a thin client which means that your private keys are stored on your phone only and this makes you the only one responsible for properly securing them.

Please read the Essential App Guide prior to using BLW to make sure your money never gets lost.