Bitcoin + Lightning Wallet

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Essential app guide

An info you need to know before you start using a Lightning Wallet
Setting up Bitcoin wallet
Using Lightning wallet

When something goes wrong

What to do when you no longer have an access to your wallet
Recovering lost Bitcoin balance
Reimbursing funds locked in a lost payment channel

Info on Olympus server

A helper service for Lightning stuff
What does Olympus server do
Storage tokens

What does Olympus server do

Lightning Wallet is autonomous but is does not usually work alone since a special server called Olympus helps it with maintenance tasks.

Note: wallet nethier depends on nor ever shares any personally identifying information with Olympus and is designed to work perfectly fine even when server goes offline for an indeterminate periods of time.

Here is what Olympus server does:

Setting up your own server

There is a default instance of Olympus server which requires storage tokens to store wallet data but it is always possible to set up your own Olympus. Server code and installation manual is available at GitHub repository.

It is possible to configure an Olympus server instance such that it would use your wallet’s Olympus Public Key instead of storage tokens for authentication. A testnet instance of such a server is accessible at, please provide me with your Olympus Public Key if you wish to try it out, a key can be found at:

App Menu → Wallet settings → Set Olympus server