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Reimbursing funds locked in a lost payment channel

A phone with an open payment channel may get lost or destroyed at any moment. Once that happens there are two tasks to accomplish:

  1. Bitcoin balance should be restored on a new phone which is relatively simple thanks to mnemonic code.
  2. Funds locked in a payment channel should be reimbursed as well which is not really possible unless some special measures were taken before an emergency.

Lightning Wallet does take those measures: once a new payment channel is created it’s static parameters are automatically encrypted and sent to Olympus server. This operation is only carried out once while no personally identifying information is transferred.

Thanks to this after Bitcoin balance is restored on a new phone you can just issue a lost channel funds recovery request:

App Menu → Wallet settings → Recover channel funds

…and wait for a few seconds before remaining balance from a lost payment channel is refunded to your Bitcoin wallet. Please note that following conditions have to be met for this to work: