Bitcoin + Lightning Wallet

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Essential app guide

An info you need to know before you start using a Lightning Wallet
Setting up Bitcoin wallet
Using Lightning wallet

When something goes wrong

What to do when you no longer have an access to your wallet
Recovering lost Bitcoin balance
Reimbursing funds locked in a lost payment channel

Info on Olympus server

A helper service for Lightning stuff
What does Olympus server do
Storage tokens

Storage tokens

These are special cryptographic entities provided by Olympus server in exchange for a Lightning payment. You can think of them as one-off tickets which can be used to anonymously store such data as channel backups and scheduled Bitcoin transactions on Olympus server.

Currently an automatic Lightning payment of 2000 Satoshi to get 50 storage tokens is issued by wallet when a first payment channel is created. Once obtained these tokens are stored in a wallet while being spent gradually and automatically as the need comes by.

Reasons for storage tokens to exist

Storage tokens solve both of these issues beautifully: a single Lightning micropayment gives you an access to 50 API calls and technically speaking these storage tokens are blind signatures which posess an unlinkability property so every API call made by your wallet is anonymous and private.

All that said, you can opt out of this at any moment by setting up your own Olympus server which would use a free public key based authentication instead of paid tokens.